Sunday, February 19, 2017
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“I am motivated to keep telling my story.”

” Warren awoke a sleepy truth in me; I now remember why I am a writer and why I’ve always valued writing. And now that I am armed with new techniques and reasons to express, I am motivated to keep telling my story. He helped me realize that I’ve always had the keys to create and package beautiful truth. This is a first-class workshop that I would recommend to all fellow veterans. ”   – Participant 2015

“One’s inspiration can truly inspire us all.”

Many of our recent graduates remain involved with the program, attending classes to help and encourage newer students. One of our first participants has arranged a “production” group for Red Badge graduates, where writers and photographers produce works to eventually share with the public.

The goal is to give soldiers a continued feeling of purpose and means by which to be heard and understood through their own voice.


We listened to their (soldiers and veterans) stories about people who don’t know how to relate to them any longer because they’ve been altered so dramatically. We’re profoundly grateful these wounded warriors have the Red Badge Project to witness their stories. – Sonya Lea