Sunday, February 19, 2017
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Poetry Samples

The Red Badge Project believes that each Wounded Warrior has the right to share their unique stories in their own voice, and choice of creative expression.

1Participants across all our programs focus their emotions into poetry. Every word conveys specific meaning and expresses deep emotion, which reaches from within each participant, through the pen, to paper, to our community.

A Kind of September

A Kind of September

A tissue of Memory,
Frail and transparent as an onion skin,
Spreads out over the days of our existence
And binds them together into a Life.

As we grow,
It stretches, and thins until holes appear.
Then bits of what we once thought real,
Fall through, and drift away.

“Did that happen?”

“Was I there?”

“Who are ……

“Try….. to remember……….


New Eyes

New Eyes

I see more clearly now.

Know more facts,

Understand more connections,


With this new sight

I see what may be lost.

How easy all is gone.

Feel how permanent is “forever”.

Life has found a new type of balance.

A double fisted stance,

Clenching pain in one

And hope in the other.

For neither will ever leave me now.

Round and Round

Round and Round

First comes seeing, then comes knowing.

There must be coming before there is going.

Some, like a whirlpool, go spinning around.
First they’re sucked in,
And then, they’re pulled down.

Others, like a wheel, go rolling along,
Bouncing over rocks and ruts
To the horizon and gone.

While over it all,
Stars whirl round in the sky
And wishes come true,
By-and- by.

For you see,
Some wish to live,
And some,
Wish to die.

Which Witch

Which Witch

I am the Witch of the legends told
Round the fires and hearths in the Days of Old.

I’ve come to bite you,
To burn you,
To rip you apart.

To whip you,
To drown you,
To tear out your heart.

I’ll torment your mind,
And put a chill to your bone.
I will eat out your insides,
Then leave you all alone.

I’ll, make you sit in the dark
With a gun to your head,
Where you’ll whine and you’ll cry,
And you’ll envy the dead.

Just when you get to this point
I’ll show you some light.
“Go ahead, try to escape.”
“You just might.”

I don’t really mean it.
You know what I’m like.
I’m playing a game.
I do it for spite.

“It’s all so cruel!”
Yes, I know it’s not fair.
But believe me Darling,
I really don’t care.

I won’t stop playing,
Even when blood runs cold.
For I am the Witch
And you’ve been told.

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

I no longer live in the land of “ought to” and “should”.

I’ve moved to the realm of “want to” and “could”.

Free from the voices that get in the way,

In the land of “Good & Enough”

I Work,



And Play.