Sunday, February 19, 2017
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Student Productions

The Red Badge Project believes that each Wounded Warrior has the right to share their unique stories in their own voice, and choice of creative expression.

We invite you to listen, look and share these wonderful expressions of self with friends everywhere. We appreciate your understanding that Soldier’s work must be published anonymously.

Poetry Samples

1Participants across all our programs focus their emotions into poetry. Every word conveys specific meaning and expresses deep emotion, which reaches from within each participant, through the pen, to paper, to our community. Select here.

Essay Samples

teachingParticipants express their interest emotions as characters in short essays. They benefit from separating themselves from traumatic incidents, while remaining true to their emotions, as their characters become surrogates of themselves. Select here.

My Story My Voice

3We invite you to listen to these powerful and touching stories, told in the most authentic way possible. Behind every word is the pain, memory and hope the author expresses as only he or she can. Select here.

Story Through A Lens

thisonetoPhotography provides soldiers with the tools to visually explore their unique perspectives and creativity. Select here.