Sunday, February 19, 2017

“Storytelling can save your life if you let it.”


In case you missed it on King 5 news, watch this inspiring interview and learn how, in the words of Red Badge Project participants, “Storytelling can save your life if you let it…. It’s taking everything that’s sort of locked inside you and putting it on paper.”  Let’s just say no one’s listening to you. No one. You talk, but your …

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Veterans on Wall Street (VOWS), enjoyed a lively session with Tom Skerritt


“The Bob Woodruff Foundation invited former Air Force Vet, writer-actor, Tom Skerritt, to speak to Wall Street bankers;  ‘Volunteers On Wall Street’ (VOWS), about The Red Badge Project. Foley’s Irish Pub in New York provided a lively setting for the Wall Street group, which supports Veterans needs, gathered to learn about the power of storytelling as it redirects military discipline into …

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Helping Soldiers Tell Their Stories…


” When actor Tom Skerritt learned that more American soldiers were committing suicide than being killed in Afghanistan, and that many felt no one was listening to their story, he was determined to help. He called several friends, including novelist and screenwriter Shawn Wong, UW professor of English. “We know how to tell a story and how to teach people …

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Thank you Rotary Club


Hey Red Badgers and Red Badge Supporters:  Friday morning I (Brian McDonald) spoke to the Alderwood-Terrace Rotary Club in Edmonds about The Red Badge Project. Very sweet people and gracious hosts.  They were very interested in what we do and I was able to share some stories from our Women’s Voices Veteran’s Day event at the Hugo House. It was …

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Veterans Day Event


This Veterans Day we invite you to join us for an amazing evening of reading from the brave women of The Red Badge Projects Women’s Voices program. In coordination with Seattle’s Hugo House participants will share their work about the impact of brain injury and post-traumatic stress, combat trauma, military sexual trauma, institutional trauma and betrayal, exiting military life, and …

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Why does a soldier have to defend his/her voice?


Why does a soldier have to defend his/her voice? Shawn Wong’s response to SPARK Magazine’s 5 Questions shares stories of shared experiences, triumph and change; including changes to his own teaching style.

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Suzanne Morrison, New ‘Women’s Voices’ Instructor


“There are few storytelling experiences I’ve enjoyed as much as working with the Red Badge writers to help them craft their own stories. The dedication, compassion, courage, and generosity they bring to every writing session is an inspiration. The stories they have to tell, and the way they listen to one another, reminds me of how this simple act– of …

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Interview with Stewart Stern: Soldier, Survivor, Writer

Stewart Stern

Screenwriter Stewart H. Stern of notable films such as Rebel Without a Cause, The Ugly American, Sybil and many more tells of his experience as a young soldier in the U.S. Army and surviving the Battle of the Bulge. Stern recently passed away on February 2, 2015 but was interviewed a few years earlier by fellow actor and U.S. Air …

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Meet SFC Angel Stephens

Meet SFC Angel Stephens. She’s a soldier, an aspiring graphic artist, and The Warrior Transition Battalion’s liaison to the Red Badge Project. We are honored to have this extraordinary soldier/artist work with us. “Creativity is therapeutic. Many Service Members turn to a physical activity such as lifting weights or a passive activity such as reading a book to cope with …

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In Your Voice – Volume 1


We are proud to share Volume 1 of “In Your Voice”.  You can select here to download the newsletter as a pdf!  

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