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Shawn Wong

wongWong’s first novel, Homebase won both the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award and the 15th Annual Governor’s Writers Day Award of Washington. He is also the co-editor and editor of six Asian American and American multicultural literary anthologies including the pioneering anthology Aiiieeeee! An Anthology of Asian American Writers (Howard University Press, 1974; reprinted in four different editions, most recently by Meridian in 1997) and, The Big Aiiieeeee! An Anthology of Chinese America and Japanese America in Literature (Meridian/NAL, 1991), Literary Mosaic: Asian American Literature (HarperCollins, 1995), and Asian Diasporas: Cultures, Identities, Representations (Hong Kong University Press, 2004). He is co-editor of Before Columbus Foundation Fiction Anthology: Selections from the American Book Awards, 1980-1990 and Before Columbus Foundation Poetry Anthology: Selections from the American Book Awards, 1980-1990, two volumes of contemporary American multicultural poetry and fiction (W. W. Norton, 1992).

Shawn Wong’s second novel, American Knees, was adapted into a film titled “Americanese” and will be released in 2012 (directed by Eric Byler). The film won several film festival awards and Wong served as associate producer. (

Wong has also been awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowship and a Rockefeller Foundation residency in Italy. He has won several writing awards including a first prize from the Society of Professional Journalists in the humor category in 1997. Wong was featured in the 1997 PBS documentary, “Shattering the Silences” and in the Bill Moyers’ PBS documentary, “Becoming American: The Chinese Experience,” in 2003.

Wong received his undergraduate degree in English at the University of California at Berkeley and a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing at San Francisco State University. Wong has taught at several colleges and universities, including Mills College, University of California at Santa Cruz and San Francisco State University. Since 1984 he has been at the University of Washington where he is Professor of English and served as Director of the Creative Writing Program, Chair of the Department of English from, and Director of the University Honors Program. In addition, Wong has taught at the Universität Tübingen (Germany), Université Jean Moulin (France), and at the University of Washington Rome Center (Italy).