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Our Faculty

Whether it be the workshops in story structure, character development, listening skills, oral presentation, screenwriting, acting, directing and critique, our instructors provide a safe environment that are designed to develop a Participants’ listening and communication skills, while discovering a sense of purpose and self-worth.

Tom Skerritt

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“They have something to give to society, something worthwhile, and that’s themselves.”

Warren Etheredge

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“True story telling, when it comes from within, is one of the most therapeutic process’, no matter what your background is.”

Brian McDonald

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“This is about not seeing every problem as a problem, but seeing it as an opportunity.”

Shawn Wong

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“They try to write in a way that reveals what they are trying to learn about themselves and their relationship to the world.”

Johnny Bivera

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“It is a fundamental function of everyday life to perceive one’s experiences in how we replay them.”

Sonja Lea

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“We’re profoundly grateful these wounded warriors have the Red Badge Project to witness their stories.”

sonya lea

Suzanne Morrison

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“There are few storytelling experiences I’ve enjoyed as much as working with the Red Badge writers to help them craft their own stories. The dedication, compassion, courage, and generosity they bring to every writing session is an inspiration. The stories they have to tell, and the way they listen to one another, reminds me of how this simple act–  of telling the truth as we know it– is one of the most transformative. It’s an honor to be a part of it.”