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Main Course

The Red Badge Project: Main Course

Housed on the UW Tacoma campus, this extraordinary course includes poetry, photography, song or filmography, multimedia writing, oral history and documentary production. Participants receive university credit which translates directly to points towards military promotion, assisting those who will continue their military careers while jumpstarting and inspiring those who will soon leave military service to pursue higher learning.  Beyond material support of classrooms and equipment, this partnership signifies and strengthens the bond between transitioning Red Badge Project students and the community they call home. 

The Red Badge Project ClassSection One

Why We Write:  Participants realize the value of their unique stories, not only to themselves, but to those around them.  They find the means to express life through their unique lens and develop the tools to express their unique truth.

2nd Red Badge Project ConductedSection Two

How To Write: Designed to assist participants in feeling comfortable stepping outside of the norm and opening up to the possibilities of discovery through self-exploration. In addition to basic story structure participants are introduced to the concept of Invisible Ink. So called because it is not easily apparent, but lies beneath the words on a paper, and expresses the sincere reason why we tell stories.

Johnny Bivera

Section Three

Write: Participants work to determine what makes characters work on the page and as surrogates of ourselves. Through a series of exercises formulated to hone observational and analytical skills, student storytellers find substantive thematic grounding in order to make their tales universally accessible, while remaining sincerely personal.


Quarterly, Monday mornings 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. UW, Tacoma, at no cost to participants, awards course graduates 2 units of academic credit.

All course participants are referred to The Red Badge Project from our Vet Center Partners and Task Force Phoenix at Joint Base Lewis McChord. Please contact your VA Center or Task Force Phoenix for assistance in attending any of The Red Badge Project courses.

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